Reasons And Solutions For Rusting Of Linear Guides

Reasons And Solutions For Rusting Of Linear Guides

The performance and life of linear guides directly affect the operating efficiency and stability of the entire equipment. However, the rust problem often plagues users of linear guides. Rust can cause the guide precision to decrease, the friction coefficient to increase, and even damage.

This article will explore the reasons for the rusting of linear guides in depth, and provide corresponding solutions and correct maintenance methods.

Reasons For Rusting Of Linear Guides

Although linear guides are treated with rust prevention before leaving the factory, if they are not paid attention to during use, they will still rust.

  1. High humidity in the environment: Moisture is one of the catalysts for rusting, and linear guides will easily rust in a humid environment. In addition. If you touch the guide directly with sweaty hands, it is also easy to cause rust.
  2. Material problem: If the material of the linear guide itself is not corrosion-resistant, or the surface treatment is not in place, it is also easy to rust.
  3. Long-term non-use: If the guide has not been used for a long time, it must also be regularly treated with rust prevention. Guides that lack regular rust prevention treatment are also very easy to rust.

Solution After Rusting

  1. Mild rust: For linear guides with mild rust, you can use professional rust remover to clean them, and then apply anti-rust oil for maintenance.
  2. Moderate rust: For guides with moderate rust, you need to polish them first to remove rust. Then perform anti-rust treatment.
  3. Severe rust: If the guide is severely rusted, it has affected normal use. In this case, you may need to consider replacing a new guide.

Correct Maintenance Method For Linear Guides

  1. Regular cleaning: Clean the linear guide regularly, remove impurities such as oil and water stains on the surface, and keep it dry.
  2. Anti-rust treatment: After cleaning, apply anti-rust oil or anti-rust agent to the linear guide to improve its corrosion resistance.
  3. Avoid humid environment: Try to install the linear guide in a dry environment to avoid the influence of moisture and water.
  4. Regular inspection: Regularly inspect the linear guide to find and deal with rust and other problems in time to prevent the problem from worsening.

Maintenance Tips

  1. Shorten downtime. The guide can effectively prevent rust when it is in working condition.
  2. When working at high speed, try to reduce the temperature rise rate of the motor. Avoid oil throwing from the motor.
  3. There are different ways to clean different components, fine cleaning and coarse cleaning. In addition, do not place the linear guide discretely in the container, use the metal mesh as a buffer to prevent the components from contacting the unclean substances in the container.
  4. When working at low temperatures, ensure the start-up and working of the linear guide in advance.
  5. Try to keep the environment clean during use. Preventing fine dust from entering the space near the linear guide can greatly reduce the probability of wear.

In Conclusion

The rust problem of linear guides is related to the operating efficiency and stability of the entire equipment. Understanding the reasons and taking the correct solutions and maintenance methods can ensure the service life and operating efficiency of the guides. In short, the maintenance of linear guides requires patience and persistence, and the maintenance effect can be very good by following the steps above.

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