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Self-Lubricating Module - SR series

Self-Lubricating Module - SR series

The SR series can be used with lubricating grease and has a wide range of operating temperatures. This effectively extends the maintenance cycle and reduces maintenance costs. Only a small amount of oil is needed for lubrication, which is environmentally friendly. It also has a design for subsequent oil replenishment, low usage cost, and significantly improves the service life of the guide rail.
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Product Features

√Can be used simultaneously with grease
√Can be used in a wide range of ambient temperature
√Effectively extend the maintenance cycle and reduce maintenance costs
√Only a little oil is needed to complete the lubrication, which is friendly to the environment
√Subsequent oil replenishment design, low cost of use
√Comprehensively improve the service life of the guide rail

  • MODE →P


    LMG20 15.6

    LMG25 15.6

    LMG30 15.6

    LMGQ15 15.6

    LMGQ20 18.6

    LMGQ25 18.6

Item Test Conditions
Specification LMG30H2SSP0SR+R1200-40/40NII
Speed 60m/min
Stroke 1000mm
Load 300kgf