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Dust-proof Steel Belt -C series

Dust-proof Steel Belt -C series

Used in conjunction with LMR series products, it can effectively prevent: chips or foreign objects from damaging the special cover of the bolt hole and then invading the inside of the slider, affecting the life of the linear guide.
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  1. Avoid bending the dustproof steel belt.
  2. Clean the rail surface.
  3. Wear gloves to prevent scratches.
  4. Chamfered steel strip cut-offs.
  5. Length of steel belt 1~2mm shorter than rail.
  • Spray the cleaning agent on the test paper, and then wipe it in a single direction along the steel tape paste surface of the guide.

  • As per requirements, select the appropriate length for the rail and steel belt. The steel belt should be 1-2mm shorter on one side compared to the rail. Prepare for steel belt installation. Warning: Do not bend the steel belt.

  • Wear gloves during installation. Place the steel belt neatly. Hold the edges of the steel belt with both thumbs and slowly push it forward while pressing it down to ensure a tight fit with the rail. Repeat this motion several times to ensure complete alignment of the steel belt. Warning: Do not bend the steel belt.

  • To install the slider, use a dummy rail, align the dummy rail with the rail and then push the slider into the rail. The dummy rail must also be used if the slider is to be removed from the rail.

  • Completed drawing of steel belt installation.