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Roller standard LMR series

Roller standard LMR series

The LMR series linear guide uses cylindrical rolling elements instead of traditional steel ball rolling elements, changing from point contact to line contact, greatly improving the load capacity. When bearing high loads, the elastic deformation of the cylindrical rolling element is smaller. The four cylindrical columns are designed with a 45-degree contact angle DB, providing high rigidity and load-bearing performance. It can also withstand equal loads in radial, anti-radial, and left-right lateral directions.
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Product Features

√Ultra-high rigidity, ultra-heavy √load capacity
√Ultra-high precision
√Smooth and efficient motion
√High speed and low noise
√Interchangeable sliders
√Comprehensive lubrication design
√Fully sealed and available in √multiple configurations
√Dust-proof steel belt design for the slide rail

Specification parameter of linear guideway LMR series

Click the download button below to get the specification sheet of the Linear guideway LMR series.

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  • High Load Capacity

    By replacing the steel ball with a roller as the rolling body, the contact area is increased from point contact to linear contact, thus significantly increasing the load capacity.

  • High Rigidity

    The maximum design of roller contact position by modern digital technology analysis, so that it has the best resistance to moment load capacity.

  • Movement Acc

    Exclusive fine-grained control specially developed for roller contact surfaces provides smooth rolling and ultimately ideal travel accuracy.

  • Self-Lubrication

    The slider has a built-in self-lubricating module that directs lubricant to the rail surface for lubrication through engineered fibers.

Smooth Motion

Optimized design to each component, each roller is evenly aligned by the roller linkage, solving the unique rolling slope problem of the roller, and eliminating the cogging effect of the rolling body to reduce the rolling resistance to the limit, thus achieving the best running quality.

The LMR series linear guide also has a specially designed cylindrical roller joint built-in to remove the gear effect caused by the mutual friction of the cylindrical rollers during rolling. This greatly reduces the walking resistance, improves the smoothness of operation, and achieves the effect of reducing noise.

Rigidity Test: CSK vs Taiwan Brand

Comparison between CSK LMR35 series and a factory in Taiwan:

  • R35 series has 0.8kgf lower starting resistance and running resistance under the condition of very similar rigidity.
  • R45 series has similar starting resistance, running resistance and rigidity.