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CSK Motions

Dust-proof Steel Belt -CS series

Dust-proof Steel Belt -CS series

Used in conjunction with LMG or LMGQ series products, it can effectively prevent: chips or foreign objects from damaging the special cover of the bolt hole and then invading the inside of the slider, affecting the life of the linear guide.
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Product Features

  • Easy installation and disassembly
    Quick installation with professional tooling and quick disassembly of the entire strip
  • Prevent foreign body intrusion
    Effectively prevent chips or foreign objects from intruding into the slider after damaging the special cover of the bolt hole and affecting the life of the linear guide
  • High versatility
    No need to do special processing or separate customization of the slide, greatly saving costs
  • Caution

    • The dustproof steel belt should not be bent
    • Clean the upper surface of the rail before installation
    • The edges and ends of the dustproof strip are sharp, so please wear gloves during installation to prevent scratches.
    • Please chamfer the cut off part of the dustproof strip to avoid scratching during installation.
    • Cutting dustproof steel belt, it is recommended that the length of one side of the belt is 1~3mm shorter than the rail.
  • Spray the cleaning agent on the test paper, and then wipe it in a single direction along the steel tape paste surface of the guide.

  • Measure the length of the guide, and then cut the length of the steel belt slightly shorter than the total length of the guide with special scissors, it is recommended to leave 1~3mm on each side.
    Warning: Bending of the strip is strictly prohibited.

  • Use the special tape positioner to attach the tape. When attaching the tape, drag the positioner backward and press down with one hand, the front roller of the positioner must press the tape, while the other hand will match the dragging speed and peel off the release paper.
    Warning: Bending of the strip is strictly prohibited.

  • To install the slider, use a dummy rail, align the dummy rail with the rail and then push the slider into the rail. The dummy rail must also be used if the slider is to be removed from the rail.

  • Put the steel belt fixing clip into the guide rail, let the steel belt slightly beyond the fixing clip to ensure that the fixing clip can press the steel belt, and then tighten the screw.

  • Completed drawing of steel belt installation.