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Linear Guideway LMG series

Linear Guideway LMG series

The LMG series linear guide has a 4-row steel ball and 45-degree arc contact angle design for high rigidity and load-bearing performance. It can handle equal loads in all and has an automatic self-aligning feature to absorb assembly errors. The steel ball's rolling reflux motion provides low friction resistance, meeting the high precision, reliability, and smooth linear motion requirements of precision equipment.
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Product Features

√High rigidity, high load
√ Equal load in four directions
√With automatic centering ability
√ Fully sealed dust-proof system
√High positioning accuracy and good reproducibility
√Good walking smoothness
√High speed and low noise
√Slider common rail design
√ Comply with international standards

Specification parameter of linear guideway LMG series

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Comparison of test results

The comparison between our products and the test results of a guide rail factory in Taiwan shows that:
CSK LMR35 series compared with a factory in Taiwan:
When the rigidity of the R35 series is very close, the starting resistance and running resistance of the R35 series are 0.8kgf lower.
The starting resistance, running resistance and stiffness of the R45 series are similar.

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