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CSK Motions

Iron Core Linear Motor DPN series ( Small size )

Iron Core Linear Motor DPN series ( Small size )

Number of motor coils
Magnet track length
This series linear motor is composed of motor wire coil and magnetic rail. It has the flexibility to change moving parts at will, from motor coils to magnetic tracks. It is mainly used in short distance occasions, with high acceleration and speed, especially suitable for the detection industry.
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Product Features

  • Microminiature
  • High responsiveness
  • Low end effect
  • Smooth operation with no noticeable stuttering
  • Provide accurate magnetic suction force
  • Peak thrust: 75N~240N
  • Continuous thrust: 25N~80N
  • Maximum motor speed up to 8m/s
  • Customized solutions are available according to customer requirements
  • Hall sensor is available as an option in special cases