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Miniature Linear Guide Rail LMNW series

Miniature Linear Guide Rail LMNW series

The LMNW series miniature linear guide uses a two-row steel ball and a Goethe-type four-point contact design, which can bear loads in all directions, making it highly rigid and precise. It is suitable for small spaces or parts that require small size and light weight, especially for small automation equipment. It has a steel ball retainer design and can be interchangeable with precision allowed. The metal parts of the guide rail, slider, steel ball, and accessories are made of stainless steel, which has excellent rust prevention properties. (Note: LMNW is the wider vison of LMN).
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Product Features

√High rigidity, high precision
√Low friction, smooth running
√High positioning accuracy and √good reproducibility
√Small size and light weight
√Conform to international standards

Specification parameter of linear guideway LMNW series

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Pre-Pressure Test

Pre-Pressure Grade Code Pre-Pressure Applicable Regulation
Micro Gap PC +3~+8
  • Emphasis on start-up resistance
  • Use where relatively large installation errors need to be absorbed




  • Use for slight vibration
  • For general accuracy
  • Use of a small amount of torque



P1 -6~-1
  • With vibration
  • Use with high precision
  • Use of slightly larger torque


Lubrication Location:
LMNW series miniature linear guide has permanent long life grease injected with high grade synthetic oil as base oil at the factory, which can be used directly.
According to the use of the situation, the supplemental lubrication can be done at the right time.
CSK can provide special oil injector, oil injection method refer to the right figure.

Oil Injector:

  • Adopt professional oil injector
  • CSK scientifically designs oiling methods and oiling locations according to different specifications and structures
  • CSK provides technical support
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Accuracy Grade

The precision of LMN series miniature linear guide is divided into three grades: Normal Grade (N), High Grade (H) and Precision Grade (P), which customers can choose according to the demand of equipment precision.

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